Protecting a body of work

How much is your chest hair worth?According to one of the greatest urban legends of insurance, £3.5 million – if you’re Tom Jones.

Switching jobs?
Is your insurance up to date?

  If the Great Resignation sounds like a Great Idea, it is important to check you’re covered before you make the leap. Like most things super-sized, the concept of The Great Resignation was born in Texas. In May 2021, Texan Professor Anthony Klotz predicted a mass exodus of workers in the USA, just two months […]

Your spring forward recipe
It’s time for a fresh (s)tart!

Daffodils are appearing and asparagus is in season. It must be time for a spring tart! Made with fresh asparagus, mint, and garden greens, and with plenty of eggs and goat’s feta, this tart can be a complete, protein-rich meal in one. However, you may want to serve it up with a side salad or […]

Starting a family?
4 simple tips to set your new budget.

  Beyond the Bugaboos and bite-sized beanies, babies also add more practical, day-to-day expenses to your budget – and a few additional financial and insurance considerations too. Here’s our short list of things to remember. There’s no doubt that starting a family is a life-changer financially. Generally, one parent will be off work for some […]

It’s big cheque time again!
Lovely surprises for lucky clients

  If you’ve followed this newsletter over the years, you’ll know we love giving out big cheques! We cherish the chance to surprise one of our clients with a gift out the blue. It’s always a special moment when we get in touch with the news – and even more fun when we turn up […]

Multiple choice?
An expanded provider range is always the right answer…

Variety isn’t just ‘the spice of life’. When it comes to getting the best insurance policy to cover you and your family, variety is useful, helpful and, sometimes, quite valuable. This is why we’re proud to announce that our range of options has recently expanded. Eric James & Associates has recently signed an agreement with […]

Changing life insurance policies.
Why it can be a-ok to hold and stay

  Should I stay or should I go? In the words of The Clash, it can be difficult deciding whether to stick with what you’ve got – or move on to something new. Different is not always better – but neither, necessarily, is the status quo. And so, we’ve got to let you know… There […]

The people behind the policies.
Gayle’s story.

It can be difficult for people to understand the incredible difference an Income Protection policy can make particularly when life forces an unexpected and often tumultuous change. “I’m too active to get sick” or “I’m too healthy to be off work” is still the default mode of thinking for many. This is why it helps […]

Cheque this out!
More happy winners from our big barrel draw

With this issue comes an opportunity to share the good news of the recent winners in our Big Barrel Draw. We are happy to announce that Anita Brunt was the winner of our recent Big Barrel Draw in Auckland. Anita arrived to pick up the prize with her granddaughter Harley, the pair meeting with our […]

Corporate control.
Is ‘dead peasant’ insurance still a thing?

Did you know that, since the 1980s, many companies in the United States regularly took out life insurance policies on their staff without ever telling the employees about it? Payouts in the millions were collected, all without the policy subject ever knowing… In New Zealand companies can take out insurance policies on key employees, a […]