FAQs and further information


No. In order to get your insurance plan sorted we must follow a standard application process, which can take some time. However, we will endeavour to get you covered as soon as possible.
Replacement policy documents will be available from your insurance company. We are not able to request policy documents for clients.
You should let us know immediately of any changes to your contact details. There are also changes in personal circumstances that may require a review of your cover. If in doubt, let us know!
The pathway for filing a claim differs between insurers. If you need to make a claim or believe you will have to in the immediate future, let us know. We can send out a pre- approval form or put you in contact with the insurer directly to submit your claim.

We provide advice on the following range of products for personal and business insurance needs: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection, Health Insurance and Travel Insurance (Inbound to NZ).

We work with Partners Life, AIA, Fidelity Life, nib, Chubb Life, Resolution Life, and Asteron.
We are more than happy to review your present policy.
The short answer is immediately – but this is a question of risk assessment and balancing finances. If a medical condition develops while you are not covered, you may have exclusions on your policy.
All occupations are eligible for cover from illness and injury. Depending on your lifestyle, there may be some exclusions on your policy.
Yes, all dependants and your partner can be included in your policy.
You will not generally need any tests or examinations to receive insurance. However sometimes, due to a range of criteria, people will be required to undertake a blood test or a standard GP examination.
We can discuss this with you and help to ascertain the correct amount, which will be based on income, assets, liabilities, and debts.
This depends on what insurance cover you have in place. Some policies will end at the age of 65 and others may have a term limit. However, many policies continue for as long as you want them to. As long as you continue to pay your premiums, your policy will not expire.
Brokers can provide a personal service and competitive pricing, which is not always available when you purchase insurance directly. They are also a direct contact, which is vital when making changes or filing a claim.


CPI (Consumer Price Index)

In terms of insurance, this option automatically increases your benefit so as to keep pace with inflation.

Indexed/Stepped Premiums

This is when premiums increase as you age.

Non acute medical conditions

These are conditions that do not require immediate surgery or treatment within the next 7 days.

Temporary/Prolonged Disability

Any disability that incapacitates a person to such an extent that they cannot return to work for a short to medium period of time.


The amount of money you pay for your insurance. It can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-annually or annually depending on the Insurer.

Waiver of Premium

Should you be unable to work due to injury or illness, this cover will pay your insurance premiums until you return to work.


The amount of money you are required to pay towards a claim.

Living Expenses

The normal cost of living associated with your current lifestyle.

Non Pharmac treatments

These MEDSAFE approved drugs and alternative treatments are available in New Zealand and used to treat a large host of diseases and illnesses but are not subsidised by the New Zealand Government and Pharmac.

Wait Period

The amount of time you must be temporarily disabled before you can receive your benefit.

Pre-Existing Condition

Any illness, disease, injury, medical condition, or symptom that you are aware of at the time of your policy commencing. This includes having an indication there was a medical issue, seeking advice or treatment for the issue, and having symptoms which would cause a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment on or before a Policy Commencement Date.


Buying a house is no small task and, given the current economic climate and ever-shifting goal posts of home ownership, it pays to be guided by those you can trust.

We use and recommend Penberthy Mortgage Advisers for help with mortgages. Experts on a wide scope of mortgage related information – from first home buying to re-mortgaging – these licensed advisors can help reduce your monthly payments and advise on how to borrow against capital for any purpose.

They will also take the time to sit down and establish what you can really afford to borrow (it might be more than you think) and offer some clever savings tips for making your mortgage work for you.

If you would like a referral, please ask your EJA adviser. Please note: EJA may receive a referral fee from Penberthys if you implement a mortgage through their service.