Find the best cover for your needs

Our big picture approach means providing integrated, tailor-made solutions that help you avoid risk – delivering the proper protection within your budget.

We offer careful evaluation and clear reviews of all insurances and can suggest any amendments necessary to improve cover and ensure value for money. All clients are issued with an insurance policy document and Schedule of Benefits, which we are always more than happy to discuss and decipher.

Our process

To establish your personal risk and needs, our adviser will spend time finding out about you and your lifestyle, clarifying your responses through a documented process. This will ensure a mutual understanding of current concerns and requirements. Following this, you will be presented with a Risk Management Planning Report detailing our insurance recommendations. Your adviser will review each recommendation with you to ensure the coverage is appropriate and the package suits your budget.

We know people’s lives change and, with this change, so do their priorities, aspirations and living costs. We offer full flexibility to ensure your policies stay tailor-made to your requirements.

Our insurance services

Life cover

This is paid in the event of death or a terminal illness, providing a lump sum payment to help repay debts and replace lost income.

Medical Insurance

This insurance provides for the reimbursement of major medical expenses. It allows you to gain quick access to the best care available – a major advantage during a stressful time, especially when you need to avoid being on a long hospital waiting list.

Life Income Cover

In the event of death or terminal illness, this provides your family with a regular monthly payment to replace lost income.

Trauma insurance

In the event of a major health episode, such as heart attack, cancer or stroke, this lump sum payment replaces lost income and provides financial freedom to focus on recovery.

Mortgage replacement cover

This monthly payment covers the cost of your mortgage if you are unable to work due to a disability.

Income Protection

This insurance provides a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to a disability as a result of an accident or illness. With this cover you’ll be able to maintain your lifestyle and continue to plan for the future.

Total permanent disability insurance

This lump sum payment is paid out if you become permanently disabled, replacing income and paying off debts, or helping with payments for rehabilitation and care.

Waiver of Premium

This cover pays your insurance premiums if you are unable to work because of a disability. It’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about should the worst occur.

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