Recipe time!

With plums prolific in neighbourhood gardens and discounted in supermarkets, it’s time to make good of the glut of stone fruit with this fresh, airy cake (which is also a winner for lunchboxes).

A simple spring recipe

This pea pesto is a great way to get your greens for the day without breaking the bank. Give it a go – it’s beautiful with pasta (like we’ve done here), or on lightly toasted bread too.

Your spring forward recipe
It’s time for a fresh (s)tart!

Daffodils are appearing and asparagus is in season. It must be time for a spring tart! Made with fresh asparagus, mint, and garden greens, and with plenty of eggs and goat’s feta, this tart can be a complete, protein-rich meal in one. However, you may want to serve it up with a side salad or […]

What do you do when the world gives you pumpkins?
Make pumpkin pie…

When the weather starts to turn you know it’s time for dessert and (in the Northern hemisphere at least) nothing says Autumn like pumpkin pie. With the leaves turning on the trees (and pumpkins on special) there’s no time like the present for New Zealand to embrace this North American staple. Easy to make and […]

Autumn flavour
Our late season raspberry muffin recipe

  Make the most of the late-season raspberries with this quick and easy recipe. These delicious muffins are perfect for school lunchboxes, workplace morning tea, when friends unexpectedly stop by or, possibly, to simply hoard and feast on at home over a few days. You can substitute the raspberries for other berries, however it pays […]