Our main aim is to tailor specific needs to the best cover available within your budget and most importantly to maintain a high standard of service and develop a professional long term relationship with you.

As individual circumstances differ from person to person, your Eric James & Associates’ Adviser can tailor–make a package that is unique to your lifestyle, financial situation and aspirations. Plus provide regular reviews to ensure your cover always remains relevant and cost effective.

To establish your personal risk needs our adviser will spend time finding out about you and your lifestyle, clarifying your responses through a documented process. This will ensure you both have the same understanding of your current concerns and requirements.

Following this, you will be presented with a Risk Management Planning Report detailing our insurance recommendations. Your adviser will review each recommendation with you to ensure everything is covered, and that the package suits your budget. On confirmation, they will oversee the implementation of the plan which includes monitoring and reviews.

Flexibility is the Key

Should you have no choice but to seriously consider cost savings, flexibility can be the key to continuing with protection. Policies and people change and so do their priorities. It may be that last year your policy was tailor-made to suit your requirements; fast forward a year and those priorities may now be less important. The policy may need restructuring and this could result in an increased premium or a sizable reduction.