Prostate cancer awareness.
Jase the Ace leads the way…


Men – is prostate cancer a thingee you don’t talk about? As we come to the end of Blue September it’s worth looking back on the campaign and looking forward to the future (and making plans to ensure this future stays a healthy one).

You may have noticed the Jason Gunn campaign ‘Prostate Cancer – it’s a real Thingee’ in September. For ‘Jase the Ace’ the charitable work is personal. He lost a good mate, Thingee puppeteer Alan Henderson, to the cancer in February.

The nationwide initiative aims to raise awareness of this widespread disease. More than 600 Kiwi men will die from prostate cancer each year and, with one in eight men getting the disease, early detection ensures effective treatment – which saves lives.

Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ runs the initiative to help boost their efforts raising awareness, funding research into better diagnosis and treatments and advocating for improved healthcare services for men suffering from prostate cancer. You can still donate by clicking here.

Typically, prostate cancer is not something that’s easily discussed by Kiwi men. It’s this silence that’s the cause of many undiagnosed cases that result in tragic results.

Hey fellas – it’s really easy to get checked. Yes, it’s a little bit uncomfortable. But a tiny bit of discomfort now can prevent a world of pain and heartache in the future

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