Prepare for the best
Your insurance meeting checklist


Thinking of booking a meeting to discuss your insurance plans? Just like anything in life, the more prepared you are, the easier everything will go.

It’s not a massive problem if you enter the meeting without the following in place. However it’s certainly a lot easier to avoid frustration or any unnecessary delays if everything’s in place and everyone’s on the same page.

Here are the four main things to remember for the day:

1. Bring current policies or similar policies. This provides us with a basic understanding of where you’ve been in the past and offers a good starting point with which to take you through all the details, assess your needs and see where we can help further. It may be that we can consolidate individual policies for a better deal, but we won’t know until we have this information.

2. Arrange a time when both partners are available. It’s a discussion that needs all the important people to be there for it. It’s also important to allocate enough time for the meeting. After all, these are decisions that may affect you in five or ten year’s time. Now is not the time to be making rushed or ill-considered decisions.

3. Have a rough idea of your medical history. Be aware that you will be asked about your medical history – every insurance company needs to know this important background information. At the least we’d hope you’d have awareness of any key medical factors that might affect your policy. If there are recent complications a specialist report certainly comes in handy, so if you have anything like this please have it close by.

4. Arrive with a willingness to think of the big picture. Coming in with an open mind is important when it comes to assessing both your current risk and your projected future risk. Many people think that life remains relatively consistent, with small changes here and there. But it’s important to first consider what’s changed in the last two years – and then what might change over the next two, five and ten years.

During our meeting we’ll work with you to ensure you know exactly what requires focused consideration, what your policy could look like going forward, and why that’s important.

If you have any other pre-consultation questions, or would like to book in a meeting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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