Coffin control.
How one Kiwi’s idea travelled the world.

Yes, you’ve planned for everything financially. But what about the most pragmatic of decisions around your final resting place? Why not follow the lead of Katie Williams, who started a unique club in Rotorua back in 2010.

New Zealand has given much to the world – jetboats, Lord Of The Rings films, pavlova, Phar Lap and coffin clubs. Wait…coffin clubs?

That’s right. Katie Williams started the movement here when she proposed to her seniors group that they take up a new activity – making their own coffins.

She inspired many and word soon spread. There are now over a dozen such clubs in New Zealand and many more throughout the world. Katie’s simple idea has travelled the world and, with it, a little bit of strength, empowerment and community for those who have taken up this interesting hobby.

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